For those new to SA or considering whether SA may be appropriate for them

Newcomer Information Meetings

Before joining a regular group, prospective members (newcomers) are asked to first attend a Newcomer Information Meeting. A Newcomer Information Meeting is where the SA program is explained in detail and the newcomer can decide if SA is the appropriate program for them. If it is, information about regular meetings will be provided. 

Newcomer Information Meetings take place as follows:
1) via Zoom, at any of the meetings whose zoom information is posted on the Regular Meetings page of this website   -or- 
2) in person, at any of the meetings whose in-person location is posted in the “Meeting List” on the Regular Meetings page of this website.

If you decide to attend a Newcomer Information Meeting, please arrive a few minutes early (or as otherwise indicated in the Meeting List) and identify yourself as a newcomer to the meeting leader.