All Regular Meetings in Southern California are “closed meetings.” That means they are open only to those who want to stop their sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior.  Keeping meetings closed (open to sexaholics only) helps protect our members so they can feel free to focus on recovery in a safe environment.

SA SoCal
In-Person Meetings (and hybrid meetings)

Click below to view a list of in-person meetings, including meetings with a zoom or phone call-in option (“hybrid” meetings).

Phone and Email Meetings

Phone and email meetings are well-established formats in SA and have been available to members and newcomers for many years.

Here is a directory of worldwide phone meetings.

Here is information about SA-NET email meetings.

Other Meetings

A list of virtual meetings from all over the world.

Next Meeting SA – meeting list

SA SoCal Zoom Only Meetings

Some of our Zoom-only and Hybrid meetings have posted their zoom links below. 
For additional SoCal zoom meetings, current SA members can request Zoom numbers by sending us an email or phone request.

Sunday night Reseda zoom meeting – 6:30-7:45pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 755 373 430

Passcode: 112233
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 Sunday night Pasadena zoom meeting – 6:30pm

Newcomers please join 6:15
Zoom Meeting ID: 847 8348 9805
Passcode: 914862
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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday zoom meeting – 12:15pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 892 800 3605
Passcode: 769400
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Monday night Woodland Hills zoom meeting – 7:00pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 884 2406 5659
Passcode: 881386

Tuesday night Hermosa Beach hybrid meeting – 7:00pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 885 4257 3366
Passcode: none

Tuesday night West LA zoom meeting – 7:30pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 828 446 26451
Passcode: 925131
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Tuesday night Thousand Oaks zoom meeting – 7:30pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 869 7589 7666
Passcode: serenity
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Wednesday night Long Beach hybrid meeting – 7:30pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 322 949 2692
Passcode: 2962949

Thursday morning Brea zoom meeting – 6:30am

Zoom Meeting ID: 850 247 532
Passcode: 606575
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Thursday night Irvine hybrid meeting – 7:30pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 814 3711 4544
Passcode: 455696
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Friday morning Yorba Linda zoom meeting – 6:30am

Zoom Meeting ID: 876 8840 7860
Passcode: 057633
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Friday night North Hollywood zoom meeting – 7:30pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 365 106 6572

Passcode: 91205